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Optimum Gloss-Coat

Pricing Starts at 599

Looking for a long term paint protection option for your leased vehicle? Optimum Gloss-Coat is a consumer grade hybrid ceramic coating designed to last 2 years. Gloss-Coat provides increased protection from harsh chemicals, increased scratch resistance, a super hydrophobic finish that repels dirt and road debris, and offers anti-water spotting properties. Once applied, simple bi-weekly washes is the only required maintenance for the life of the coating.
Vehicle Inspection
Every detail begins with a thorough cosmetic inspection and consultation with the owner. The paintwork is examined for previous repairs, scratches, swirl marks, etching, oxidation, chips, dents, fallout, and etc. In addition, paint thickness readings are taken to ensure the paint system is of a healthy thickness. The interior is evaluated based on cleanliness, wear and tear, and type of upholstery (leather, vinyl, or cloth). Any issues discovered after work has started will be documented and photographed as necessary.

Wheels, Tires, & Wheel Wells

The wheel wells and tires are cleaned using a paint safe degreaser. The wheel faces, barrels, and behind the spokes are cleaned using a pH balanced wheel cleaner and a variety of soft brushes. The wheels are rotated to ensure the areas behind the brake calipers are cleaned as well.

*Wheel off cleaning is available for an additional charge.

Door Jambs
The door jambs, trunk jambs, and gas cap area are thoroughly cleaned using a paint safe degreaser and soft boar's hair brush.

Hand Wash
The car is thoroughly rinsed and pre- treated with a bug and tar remover. The two bucket method is used with a genuine sheep skin wash mitt and grit guard inserts. The vehicle is dried with compressed air and high quality microfiber drying towels.

*The proper products and techniques are utilize to ensure no swirl marks or scratches are induced in the paint during the wash process.

Paint Decontamination
A paint cleaner is used during the wash process to remove any industrial fallout and rail dust which may have accumulated during shipping. Vehicle manufacturer studies have shown that failure to remove these iron contaminants from your paint can cause premature degradation of the paint system. While clay products are useful for removing above surface contaminants, they cannot deep clean the pores of the paint. This can only be accomplished through a chemical cleaning.

Clay Bar
The paintwork then goes through a clay bar decontamination process to remove any remaining contaminants such as fallout, sap, bug residue, overspray, road film, etc. The clay will remove any rough or bumpy feeling on the paint leaving a completely smooth and clean surface.

Primer Polish
Primer Polish is applied to promote bonding, speed up cure time, increase gloss, and clean the paint. Any scratch removal/ paint correction is an additional charge.

*The proper products and techniques are utilized to ensure no swirl marks, holograms, or buffer marks are induced into the paint.

Gloss-Coat Application

The vehicle is then pulled into an enclosed, dust free, temperature controlled booth with specialized lighting for Gloss-Coat application. Gloss-Coat is applied to all painted surfaces, hard plastic, headlights & taillights, chrome & aluminum trim. The vehicle is left in the booth for one hour while Gloss-Coat cures.

Final Vehicle Inspection
After all work has been completed, a final inspection is done with the owner.