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Headlight Restoration

Pricing Starts at 179 per pair

Cloudy headlights can impair vision during night driving and result in a failed safety inspection. The headlight restoration process can restore cloudy and dull headlights to like new condition. The process involves a series of wet sanding steps to remove the damaged factory UV coating, then we spray on a new UV clear coat for permanent protection. 

Prep & Wet Sanding

First the headlights are cleaned to remove any waxes or oils on the surface. Then the headlights are sanded with a series of grits to remove all of the original coating which has failed.

Application of Clear Coat
Once the sanding steps are complete, a new UV resistant clear coat is applied and cured with a UV Curing Lamp.

Final Result

The vehicle can be driven 10 minutes after curing with the UV Cure Lamp, and washed 24 hours later.