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protective coatings for paint, leather, fabric, plastic, and glass

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Auto Detailing Services

A thorough exterior detail including spot clay with paint sealant providing 6+ months of  solid protection from environmental contaminants. Recommended for vehicles in good condition that do not need to be fully polished

Pricing starts at 199

This service was designed for those seeking an alternative to more extensive polishing options. This exterior detail includes full clay bar and light polish and paint sealant to remove about 50- 60% of imperfections and provide up to 6 months of protection. 

Pricing starts at 299

Our most popular service consisting of a full exterior detail with clay bar, medium grade polish, and paint sealant providing 6+ months of protection. Recommended for vehicles with slight to moderate paint imperfections or oxidation. Designed to remove 65- 75% of imperfections.

Pricing starts at 499

Designed to provide extreme gloss and a significant reduction in paint imperfections utilizing a specialized compounding and polishing process. You can expect an 85- 95% reduction in paint imperfections. The paintwork is then topped off with a paint sealant providing 6+ months of protection.

Pricing by estimate

2 yr. Paint Coating

Optimum Gloss-Coat is an excellent option for those looking for long term protection, especially on leased vehicles. This hybrid ceramic coating can be used on paint, wheels, clear coated metal surfaces and even plastic trim for 2+ years of protection. Gloss-Coat is resistant to detergents and harsh chemicals and offers increased scratch resistance.

Pricing starts 599

An interior only detail starts at 199, or at a discounted rate when paired with any exterior detail. Available services include steam cleaning, hot water carpet extraction, leather & vinyl cleaning/ protection, fabric and upholstery protection, DrivePur treatments, and more.

*Final estimates are determined after a visual inspection of the vehicle.
Any estimates given via phone or email are subject to change after visual inspection.